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Element Snacks

Our story begins in the 1960’s in the Italian and Swedish countrysides, where our founders Nadia and Fred were born and spent their childhoods enjoying rich and luxurious European chocolates.

Some decades later, on a beautiful day in New York City, the two met and combined these nostalgic flavors with their passion for healthy living — and Element Snacks was born.

After bringing their ideas to life, Nadia and Fred launched Element’s first four products in 2013 –Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and White Chocolate Orange Topped Rice Cakes. These products were produced in and imported from Europe to be enjoyed and loved in the States.

In 2015, Element Snacks became a household staple for many families after launching nationwide in Sprouts.

Just two years later, the first factory was opened in the United States in 2017 where Element products were produced with the same European chocolate and natural ingredients that Nadia, Fred and the Element Snacks community had grown to love. With a new factory came beautiful new packaging that are seen on shelves around the world today. Element also launched four Organic varieties that year.

all of our element snacks products

Element continued its growth in 2020 when its products were launched nationwide in Kroger.

As summer 2021 approached, Element Snacks launched the first Peanut Butter Topped Rice Cake in the market, and they quickly became a top seller.

Following the launch of Peanut Butter Topped Rice Cakes, Element Snacks had a few more flavors and varieties to add to the collection; In fall of 2021, the Dipped Minis were born. Element Dipped Minis are the only fully enrobed bite-size rice cake in the United States. The launch of these flavors and varieties delivered Element’s mission to create healthy indulgent products consumers can feel good about.

We’re still committed to Fred and Nadia’s vision of creating better-for-you snacks that are just as delicious as they are healthy. This “Feel Good Indulgence®” is the core of our mission, and we’re determined to create unique and irresistible snacks that delight our consumers. 

All Element Snacks are Gluten Free, Non-GMO and or Organic, All-Natural, and Kosher, so you can always feel good about enjoying a little indulgence!

Element Snacks is available in more than 4,500 stores nationwide. We’re also available for purchase online. Check our retailers on our Find Us page. 

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